Wen Dung-Chuan from Taipei, Taiwan, is an interdisciplinary practitioner and graduated with a Master of Applied Design and Art course at Curtin University, Australia. Wen is supervised by Dr Andrew Sunley Smith.

Wen's creative practice explores materials relevant to environmental issues in the Anthropocene era. And applies materiality and Object-Oriented Ontology (OOO) has had a significant impact on his art practice. Thus, that has introduced him to making art with nontraditional materials and merging his work with Wen's background in Taiwanese Buddhism. He consciously attempts to reduce carbon emissions and unnecessary waste in the creation of his work. This process is influenced by conceptual art, and all planning is made ahead of time. His practice combines physical and digital art, including painting, sculpture, digital projecting, extended reality and post-social sculpture. This combination of media can bring greater awareness to the environmental crisis.  His artwork often uses coffee as a creative material due to his previous experience as a barista, roaster, and ASCA (Australian Specialty Coffee Association) competitor and judge.


• Exhibition experience:

2023 / HAND IN HAND Group Show/ Mundaring Arts Centre 

2022 / Environmental Art & Design Prize Finalist / Manley Art Gallery NSW 

2022 / Rising Futures / Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery WA 

2022 / The Street Gallery Fremantle Project / Artsource and City of Fremantle

2022 / Rising Futures / Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery

2021 / Fine Art Graduate Degree Show / Curtin University

2021 / PICA XR Hackathon / XR:WA Festival / Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), Western Australia

2021 / Goolugatup Heathcote Gallery / Perth City, Western Australia

2021 / Virtual Art Gallery / State University of New York at New Paltz, United States

2021 / The Rehearsal by Theatre by the Sea / The Navel Store Fremantle, Western Australia

2011 / Boisbuchet / Domain de Boisbuchet, France

2007 / Young Designers' Exhibition / World Trade Center, Taiwan

• Education: 

Master of Applied Design and Art, Curtin University, Australia. 

Bachelor of Business Administration, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan.

Fu-Hsin Trade & Arts School, Taiwan.

• Experience: 

2023 / Australian Specialty Coffee Association Australian Coffee in Good Spirts Championship / Sensory Judge

2023 / Australian Specialty Coffee Association Australian Roasting Championship / Finalist 

2023 / Australian Specialty Coffee Association Australian Barista Championship / Sensory Judge 

2023 / Environmental Thinking in Artistic and Curatorial Practices Short Course / Zurich University of the Arts 

2022 / Digital Transformation for the Creative Industries Short Course / University of Technology Sydney 

2022 / Member of Design Institute of Australia / Australia

2021 - 2022 / Member of Artsource / Western Australia

2022 / Coursera / Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design by Google 

2021 / Fremantle Biennale Project Overload  (2021) by Andrew Sunley Smith / Artist Assistant 

2021 / AMaGA Western Australia Exhibition Development / Participant 

2021 / Coursera / Modern and Contemporary Art and Design Specialization by MoMA

2020 / Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) Western Region Latte Art Visual Judge

2019 / ASCA  Competition Assistant Judge

2008 - 2012 / Taipei Artist Village and Treasure Hill / Volunteer 

• Award: 

2022 / Environmental Art & Design Prize Finalist

2021 / Master of Arts Creative Project Student Funding / Curtin University

2021 / Melville Contemporary Art Prize Finalist

2020 / ASCA Cup Tasters Western Region Placed Third

2018 / ASCA Cup Taster Australia Finalist 

2018 / ASCA Cup Tasters Western Region Placed Second

• Conference:

2021 / Shinshu University x Curtin University Sustainability and Climate Change Discussion Event

• Published:

2022 / Illustration / Coffee People Zine Issue 16 / USA

2021 / Illustration / Coffee People Zine Issue 11 / USA

• Skills:

Typography, visual design, video editing, animation, contextual research, storyboarding, 3D printing, conceptual modeling, virtual reality and augmented reality.

• Software:

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Blender, Unity and Spark AR.

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